Cairn by Bedrock Sandals – First Look!


Get ready for a new paradigm shift in the outdoor sandal industry – the Cairn! Bedrock Sandals reached out to us recently and asked if we would demo their new sandal development. Challenge accepted! I have been wearing the sandals for about … Read on

Earth Runners Sandals (Minimalist+Rock Solid)


 Circadian X Earth Runners are minimalist trail sandals that are inspired by the Tarahumara tribe; a tribe known for their long distance running abilities. Earth Runners is headquartered in the Santa Cruz Mountains and offers a unique take on the … Read on

Make your own oatmeal! Recipe


We love oatmeal! It’s a backpacker’s staple breakfast food. Instead of buying your oatmeal from the store, consider making your own from scratch!  Below is the recipe I use for making oatmeal from home. Ingredients: 1/4 cup quick oats 2.5 … Read on

MSR Reactor Stove System


If you are looking for the best…why not go with the best! The Reactor Stove System by MSR is unreal. Unmatched boil times, fuel-effeciency, and wind protection. You will not find a quicker and more efficient cooking system on the … Read on

Happy Feet = Happy Expeditions


  If you are blister-prone, like me, you understand the pain and frustration that sore sad feet can cause on the trail. When our feet are hurting, it can be hard to focus on anything else- even the beautiful scenery … Read on

Review: EmberLit FireAnt Stove


FireAnt by Emberlit  The FireAnt by Emberlit is truly impressive. It’s like owning 3 stoves in one!           The Emberlit FireAnt functions mainly as a wood burning stove but it also is has the capacity to … Read on

5 Considerations for Winter Backpacking/Camping


Whether you like it or not, winter is here. I know most people dread this time of year for backpacking and it’s for the obvious reason…it’s freaking cold! Personally, the winter season is my favorite. The lack of crowds is the main … Read on

Backpacking with Liquor: Yes Please!


After a long day of backpacking, nothing tops off my conquests (or masks my aches and pains) better than a nip of my favorite alcoholic beverage. Now I realize that some of the more dedicated ‘minimalists’ might chastise me for … Read on

5 training tips to prepare you for backpacking


Squats and lunges 
 Two exercises that I always spend a little more time on when preparing for a backpacking trip are squats and lunges. 
Here’s why these exercises are so great for backpackers:
 Squats target your quads, glutes, hamstrings … Read on

Countering Backpacking Burnout


Burnout is a real possibility for even the most devout of backpackers. The likelihood of it happening to you is a very real probability. Overcoming or countering burnout effects can be a real challenge for anyone. So what you should … Read on