Backpacking with Liquor: Yes Please!


After a long day of backpacking, nothing tops off my conquests (or masks my aches and pains) better than a nip of my favorite alcoholic beverage. Now I realize that some of the more dedicated ‘minimalists’ might chastise me for … Read on

Countering Backpacking Burnout


Burnout is a real possibility for even the most devout of backpackers. The likelihood of it happening to you is a very real probability. Overcoming or countering burnout effects can be a real challenge for anyone. So what you should … Read on

Why We Go


Some people will never understand why we go to the back country. Why we put ourselves through extreme agony and pain just to reach a summit or find a beautiful place. For each person, the reasons are different. Here our … Read on



Poshpacking is to backpacking what glamping is to camping.               Let’s be real, we all know somebody (or maybe we are that somebody) who manages to pack every luxury under the sun into a … Read on

Cell phones on the trail? You decide.


One debate I usually ponder prior to every backpacking trip is whether or not I should take my cell phone. Will I need it? It’s just going to die while I am out there anyways. Should I waste the extra … Read on