Happy Feet = Happy Expeditions


  If you are blister-prone, like me, you understand the pain and frustration that sore sad feet can cause on the trail. When our feet are hurting, it can be hard to focus on anything else- even the beautiful scenery … Read on

Backpacking with Liquor: Yes Please!


After a long day of backpacking, nothing tops off my conquests (or masks my aches and pains) better than a nip of my favorite alcoholic beverage. Now I realize that some of the more dedicated ‘minimalists’ might chastise me for … Read on

Countering Backpacking Burnout


Burnout is a real possibility for even the most devout of backpackers. The likelihood of it happening to you is a very real probability. Overcoming or countering burnout effects can be a real challenge for anyone. So what you should … Read on

Going backpacking? Don’t forget these 10 things!


Below is a list of 10 items that, if forgotten, can quickly turn a fun trip sour. Check them out and let us know if you have experienced any of these- OR if you have any extra mistakes to add! … Read on

Design Your Gear Room!


One of my most prized possessions is my gear room. Having a dedicated gear ‘depository’ is awesome! I had a lot of fun designing, building, and stocking this space. So what’s the best part: everything is organized and in its place … Read on

How to select the perfect campsite: 4 things you should always consider!


When it comes to choosing the right campsite, it is all about picking the one with the best view, right? Well…maybe not. Of course, finding a nice view should be one of your goals, but it is not the only … Read on

Beginners Guide: Picking the Right Backpack


Backpacking can be a confusing sport to break into. There are so many different backpacks on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. (And for anyone who has taken a trip with … Read on

4 Tips for Packing Smart!


    Ever heard the adage ‘less is more’? Never is this statement more true than with backpacking. Luxuries come at a price in the backwoods, and that price is extra WEIGHT! Everyone enjoys the little extras but you have to … Read on

Fire Starters


Do not buy commercial fire starters! Our BC solution is cheap, easy to put together, and chances are you already own all of the materials that are necessary to make it. It is the cotton ball fire starter.  This is the best … Read on