Beginners Guide: Picking the Right Backpack


Backpacking can be a confusing sport to break into. There are so many different backpacks on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. (And for anyone who has taken a trip with … Read on

Why We Go


Some people will never understand why we go to the back country. Why we put ourselves through extreme agony and pain just to reach a summit or find a beautiful place. For each person, the reasons are different. Here our … Read on

4 Tips for Packing Smart!


    Ever heard the adage ‘less is more’? Never is this statement more true than with backpacking. Luxuries come at a price in the backwoods, and that price is extra WEIGHT! Everyone enjoys the little extras but you have to … Read on

Light My Fire, Swedish FireSteel 2.0


If you had to carry one item into the backcountry, what would that item be? This is a question that makes me laugh. How would it be possible to find yourself in a situation where you had to choose only … Read on

From Battlefield to Trail: Merrell Moab Hiking Boots


Here is a guest post from U.S. Army soldier, Kent. Frequently, we are asked about our favorite hiking boots. With so many choices out there, it is sometimes hard to pick. Kent wrote in and told us about his experience … Read on

Father’s Day Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Father's Day

Father’s Day is this weekend!  If you are hunting for the perfect gift for Dad, then you are in the right place.  We have gathered a few of our favorite gift ideas to celebrate the special outdoorsy man in your … Read on



Poshpacking is to backpacking what glamping is to camping.               Let’s be real, we all know somebody (or maybe we are that somebody) who manages to pack every luxury under the sun into a … Read on

Looking for the perfect water bottle: Klean Kanteen!


Which water bottle to choose tends to always be a topic of conversation in the backpacking community. Usually, quality and safety concerns are at the top of people’s lists when they are making their purchase. Given both those concerns, the … Read on

Chicago Basin, Colorado (Part, I) Getting There!


The Chicago Basin, located in Southwest Colorado, is nothing short of nostalgic. So pristine and so beautiful, you would think that its existence is not even possible once you see it. If you ever have the pleasure of making this … Read on

Backcountry Coffee — Guest Post by Natasha!


What are your thoughts on bringing the comforts of home into the backcountry? I think we can all agree that the comfort of a warm beverage when you’re cold, tired and worn out is undeniable, but are they convenient enough … Read on