Review: EmberLit FireAnt Stove

FireAnt by Emberlit 

The FireAnt by Emberlit is truly impressive. It’s like owning 3 stoves in one!







The Emberlit FireAnt functions mainly as a wood burning stove but it also is has the capacity to burn Esbit solid fuel tablets and even holds a Trangia alcohol burner. The best part…the titanium frame weighs only 2.8 ounces and packs flat down to about 1/8 of an inch!









The FireAnt is my go-to stove on smaller trips where finding wood fuel is not a concern or I plan on using denatured alcohol. On longer trips, or trips above the tree line, I take the FireAnt as a backup for my isobutane/propane canister stove. Additionally, the FireAnt proves excellent for ‘prepers’ or anyone looking for a solid home emergency stove.

Here is why I like it:

1. Small and light at 2.8 ounces (3.2 if you take the cover and Esbit tray)
2. Construction is solid (Titanium)
3. No moving parts
4. Utilizes 3 different fuel types (sticks or other organic material, denatured alcohol, or Esbit solid fuel)
5. Excellent as a backup or emergency situation
6. Packs down to 1/8 of an inch
7. Titanium cools quickly after burning (pack it away within minutes of cooking)

Wood Burning 










To use the FireAnt as a wood burning stove, collect some sticks. Use smaller twigs for the initial flame and use finger size pieces for the main fire once its going. For a hassle-free start, use a cotton ball fire starter. Once you get the fire going, boiling 2 cups of water will take approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds (at 3,000 feet and 60 degrees).

Denatured Alcohol









My favorite way of using this stove with denatured alcohol. I have always enjoyed using this type of fuel when backpacking because denatured alcohol is cheap it can be found at any hardware store, anywhere. The FireAnt is equipped with slots that hold the lip of a Trangia alcohol stove. This gets the heat source close to your pot while also allowing the FireAnt to act as a wind screen. Once again, boil time is fairly quick at 5 minutes (same conditions as before).

Esbit Solid Fuel









Esbit fuel is a third option for this stove. The FireAnt has a titanium tray that fits in the same slots as the Trangia burner.

Overall, this is a great stove. I own a few of the other stoves that Emberlit makes and this one is by far the best for backpacking. Small, light, and extremely packable. Emberlit is currently running a sale on the FireAnt for $55.99!

– Blake 

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